Graham Farish by Bachmann

As with the Graham Farish range prior to the takeover by Bachmann in 2000, we hold the largest range of their spares for English outline “N” gauge locomotives outside of the Bachmann Europe UK organisation in the UK as well as quite a number of the Chinese spare parts.
Please note we don’t have any American outline “N” gauge spares available at this time.
Many of the early Chinese production Farish locomotives up to 2003/4 were based on Farish Poole Design so they will retro fit on the Poole made productions. We supply customers around the world, many of whom come back to us on a regular basis.
If you can’t find the part you want or if we haven't the item you require in stock (but it is available from Bachmann) we will endeavour to obtain it for you, please do contact us by e-mail anytime or by telephone +44 (0)1287 633036 during office hours Monday to Friday between 9AM and 5.30PM and we'll help you find what you're looking for.
All product prices are shown excluding VAT/TAX. VAT/TAX will be added at the checkout if it is applicable to your Country and/or State.
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370-070 CL42 Warship BR green Late Crest

370-080 - 3F Jinty S.D.J.R Livery No.23

370-090 - Class B1 BR Black No.61090

370-140 - Ex Train Set Loco Body Class 08

370-375 CL37 "Avro Vulcan KH558" Blue EX set loco

370-400 - WD Class 8f LMR Livery

371-016 - Class 08 EWS Livery Running No.08921

371-017 - Rail Distribution Livery No.08653

371-019 - Class 08 EWS Livery No.08897. Factory weathered.

371-021A BR green No 3785 CL08

371-024 - Class 08 DB Schenker Livery No.08907

371-025 Southern Green GP tank loco No 268

371-026 LMS Maroon GPTank No 7309

371-036 CL20 "London Underground" No20227

371-050  CL04 BR green Late crest No 2246

371-050A - BR Green Class 04 Diesel No.2264

371-051 4F BR black body and tender No 44134

371-051A  BR Blue diesel N D2239

371-051B - BR Blue Diesel Class 04 No D2258

371-051C - Class 04 Diesel BR Blue D2295

371-052 Class 04 BR Black 11217

371-052C - BR blue Class 04 No D2295

371-053 BR green CL04 diesel No D2290

371-054 - Class 04 Coal Livery Yellow D2332

371-060 - BR Green Class 03 No D2011 L/Crest

371-061 CLass 03 Deisel BR green Body shell

371-063 - Class 03 BR Green No.D2383 Weathered

371-064 BR Blue Class 03  No. 03170 Weathered

371-085 - Class 25/3 Green Body Shell No.D7638

371-085A  CL25 BR green  No D5177

371-086 Class 25 L/crest weathered BR Green

371-087- Class 25 BR Green Two Tone L/Crest Running No.D7646

371-087A Class 25 BR blue running No 25225

371-087A CL25 BR blue No 25245

371-08B - Duchess “City of London” Metal Body Only

371-101 - Class 31 Regional Railways No.31410

371-951B Class 14 BR Green Factory Weathered Running No.D9523

371-158DB - Complete Drive Bogie for Class 158/9 and Turbo Star

371-181 BR green CL40 no lights units installed

371-25BB - Class 25 Battery Box Clip-on for Chinese Locos

371-330 Class 150 First Great Western  car No52128

371-976A CL24 Br green Late crest No.D5031

371-382 - Class 66 Malcolm Livery No.66412

371-383A  Schenker livery No 66101

371-384A - Class 66 in EWS Livery Running No.66111

371-385 Class 66  Freightliner green No 66546

371-386 CL66 Freightliner livery green

371-387 - Class 66 in Colas Livery Running No.66846

371-392 - Class 66 GBRf Sunderland Football Club Running No.66725

371-393 CL66 Fast Line Livery No 66301

371-397 CL66 DRS blue compass livery

371-398 CL 66 GBRf green livery

371-402 Class 52 Blue "Western Muskateer" No.D1030

371-404 - Class 52 BR Maroon “Western Champion” Running No.D1015

371-428C - Class 170 1st Scotrail CENTRE Coach for 3 Car Unit No.56413

371-429 - Class 170 Anglia One Bodies (1 Pair Matched) Nos.5027-79270

371-430 - Class 170 Southern No.79721 (Pair of Bodies Matched)

371-432 - Class 170 London Midland Livery Coach No.170504

371-504 - Class 101 BR Green DMU 2 Car Pack Coach Nos.M536337/M51179

371-505 - Class 101 Network South East Livery 2 Car Pack

371-555 Class 158 Arriva Trains West Matched 2 Car Pair Running No.15823

371-558A - Class 158 1st Scotrail

371-604 - Class 42 Warship "Onslaught" No.D832 BR Green

371-605 - Class 42 BR Blue “Cockade" Small Arrows Running No.810

371-635 - Class 70 Freightliner Livery Running No.70006

371-636 - Class 70 Freightliner Livery Running No.70003

371-650A CL57 Virgin livery "Jeff Tracy"

371-651A - Class 57 Freightliner Livery “Freightliner Explorer” Running No.57008

371-66BB - Class 66 Battery Box in Singles

371-66BT - Class 66 Bogie Gear Tower in Singles

371-740  car A Midland Pullman in Nanking Blue with Blue Cab

371-740A+F - Pullman Nanking Blue Cab Ends Front and Rear Coach Bodies

371-741 (A+F )Midland Pullman in Nanking Blue with Yellow Cab End

371-742 (A+F) Western Pullman livery No W60091

371-742A Western Pullman power car only

371-742F trailing power car Western livery Pullman

371-876B - Class 108 "Blackpool" BR Blue/Yellow Cab End No.50976

371-877 Blue /grey CL108 DMU "Carlisle"

371-885 - Class 108 BR  blue"Leeds" yellow Cab End No.50626

371-907  Black Early Crest Class 57xx Steam Loco

371-908 - BR 57xx Late Crest Black Loco

371-929 - Class 87xx BR Black L/Crest Running No.9753

371-931 - 87xx GWR Livery Running No.4612

371-952A - Class 14 BR Blue Pristine Running No.14029

371-953  94xx GWR green 9409

371-979 - 61XX Green GWR Loco No.6169

371-981 - Class 61xx Prairie GWR Green Loco No.6110

371-985A Class 64xx GWR green No6424

371-986A BR Black Earl Crest No 6422

371-988 Class 64xx BR lined green Late crest No6410

371-C42B - Class 42 Oval Black Buffers 4 in Pack

371-CL37CB - Class 37 Complete Bogie Early MK 1 Type 2000-2008

371-CL47CB - Class 47 MK 1 Complete Bogie for Bachmann Locos

371-050C BR green L/Crest CL04 diesel

372-030 - Castle Class “Earl of Dunraven” Body GWR Green Livery Running No.5044

372-031 - Castle Class “Tiverton Castle” Running No.5041

372-032 - Castle Class ”Sir Daniel Gooch” Running No.5070

372-052 - 4F Tender Loco with BR Black Metal Body and E/Crest Tender Running No.44027

372-053 - 4F Tender Loco with BR Black Metal Body and L/Crest Tender Running No.44422

372-054 - 4F BR Black Tender Loco with Late Crest on Tender Running No.44330

372-054B CL 4F late crest BR black No 44388

372-055  4f BR black No 44143

372-076 - B1 LNER “Roedeer” Lined Black Livery Running No.1040

372-134 5MT Late Crest No45110

372-135 - 5MT LMS Black Loco with Running No.5020

372-137 5MT black No 45157

372-151A - 8F BR Black Body and Late Crest Tender Top Running No.48045

372-152 - 8F B.R. Black E/Crest Body & Tender No.48709

372-154 - 8F BR black E/Crest tender No48750

372-177B - 8P Duchess ”City of Leicester” BR Green No.46252

372-179 8P BR Green “Duchess of Leeds” Running No.46248

372-182 - Princess Coronation Class “City of Birmingham” Running No.46235

372-182A - “City of Edinburgh” BR green Running No.46241

372-183 - Princess Coronation Class “City of Coventry” Running No.46240

372-184 - “City Of London” BR Green Running No.46245

372-184A  Maroon "Duchess of Rutland "

372-185 - Princess Coronation Class “City of Bradford” Running No.46236

372-186 - Duchess Loco “DUCHESS of NORFOLK” Passenger Blue Metal Body

372-203A - 3F Jinty BR Black Early Crest Running No.47593

372-210 3F LNER black livery No 7524

372-211 3F class BR black

372-212 3F BR black No 47345

372-225 - Crab Class BR Black Body L/Crest & Tender No.42932

372-227 - Crab Class BR. Black Early Crest Tender. Running No.42765

372-275B - BoB-Merchant Navy "Exeter" Southern Malakite Green Livery

372-277A - BoB-Mt/Navy "Fighter Command" BR Green Late Crest Metal Body and Plastic Rebuilt Tender

372-277C - BoB-Met/navy BR Green "Winston Churchill" Early Crest Tender Plastic

372-310 - Merchant Navy “East Asiatic Line” BR Express Body and Tender

372-311 - Merchant Navy “Holland Afrika Line” BR Green Body and Tender Running No.35023

372-312 - Merchant Navy “Clan Line” BR Green Livery Body and Tender Running No.35028

372-313 - Merchant Navy “New Zealand Line” BR Malachite Green Livery Body and Tender

372-351A - A4 LNER Express Blue “Mallard” Loco Metal Body and Plastic Tender

372-354 - A4 BR Green ”Merlin” Loco Metal Body and Plastic Tender

372-379 - LNER A3 “Flying Scotsman” Loco Metal Body and Plastic Tender

372-385 - A2 Class “A.H.Peppercorn” Body Running No.525

372-386 - A2 “BACHELORS BUTTON” BR Green Body and E/Crest Tender Running No.60537

372-387 - A2 “SUN CHARIOT” BR Green Body and L/Crest Body Running No.60527

372-388 - A2 “BLUE PETER” BR Green Body and L/Crest Tender

372-400B J39 LNER Black Livery No.1856

372-527 - 4MT BR Black Early Crest Factory Lightly Weathered

372-527A - 4MT Factory Weathered Late Crest Running No.30038

372-529 - 4MT 2-6-4 B.R. Late Crest Black No.80130

372-551 King Class  BR green Late Crest

372-608T - Draw Bar for Newest City/Duchess Loco - Hole Centres 10.5mm

372-609T - Draw Bar for B1/4MT/5MT/J69 Hole Centres 10.2mm

372-610T - Draw Bar for Jubilee/Royal Scot Locos Hole Centres 14.25mm

372-612T - Draw Bar for "N" Class and Ivatt Loco - Hole Centres 23.88 mm

372-625 2MT Ivatt tender loco BR green No 46521

372-626 2MT Ivatt BR black tender loco No 46440

372-626T - 2MT Early Crest Tender Top

372-627 2MT Ivatt LMS black tender loco No 6404

372-628 2MT  Ivatt BR early crest No 46443

372-775 - "C" Class Loco SECR Plain Green No.271

372-776 - "C" Class Loco Southern Railway Black No.1294

372-777 - "C" Class Loco BR Black Early Crest No.31227

372-800B - A1 “Tornado” Passenger Blue Body and E/Crest Tender

372-800A - A1 “TORNADO” BR Green Body and E/Crest Tender

372-931 - “N” Class Loco in BR Black Body Running No.31844

372-932 - “N” Class Loco BR Lined Livery Running No.31811

372-A3-4 - 4 Axled LNER Tender Top

372-V2 - Tender in LNER Apple Green

372-629 2MTIvatt BR black early crest No 46460

379-0149 - Bachmann (Chinese) Tender - Wheels Blackened

379-401 - Standard NEM Couplings

379-402 - Short NEM Couplings

379-405 - Farish Couplings / Springs by Bachmann

379-410 - Wagon Wheels 3 Hole Disc

379-411 - Wagon Wheels 8 Spoked

379-412 - Coach Wheels

379-420 - Jubilee/Royal Scot and Black 5 Loco Tyres

379-421 - 4MT Traction Tyres

379-422 - Traction Tyres for A1/B1 and J39

379-423 - Ivatt Tender Loco Traction Tyres

379-424 - Standard 5 Tender Loco Tyres

379-425 - Princess/Coronation Loco Tyres

379-426 WD Austerity traction tyres

379-427 - "N" Class Tender Loco Tyres

B0101 - Armature Top Housing

B0109 - Magnet for Early Bachmann / Poole Design Locos

B0170-A - Class 43(HST)/108 Propshafts

B0170-B1 - Class 25-33 Propshafts 2000-2008

B0170-B2- Propshaft for Class 25/37/47/57/ 2008 Onwards

B0170-B3 - Propshaft 11.6mm Long

B0170-C1 - Propshafts 17.46mm Long

B0170-D - Class 37/47 Propshafts 2000-2008

B0170-E - Railcar Propshaft

B0170-H - Propshafts for Class 158/159/170

B0170-J - Propshafts for Latest Type Class 40

B0170-K - Propshafts 16.51 Long

B1129-OS - Poole Type 1 Armature for All Steam Locos and Class 08 Deisel (Except V2/9F Locos)

B1406-CP - Split Coach Pegs Later Type for Class 101/108/150/156

B1898-B - A3/A4 4 Axle Wheeled Tender Chinese Production

B1898P A3 4 Axle Tender inc Pick-ups

B2514-A - 14 Tooth Gears Thinner Type for Class 24/42/43/108

B2514-B - 14 Tooth Gear Thicker Shoulder Type for Class 44/45/46

B2515 - 15 Tooth Gear for Class 108

B2517 - 17 Tooth Gear

B2803 - Small Steam Buffers Painted Black

B2817 - Class 37 Battery Box inc Screw - In Singles

B2862 - Class 158/9 Service Pod - Chinese Screw on Type

B2864B - Chinese Class 158 Air Dam

B2864C - Chinese Class 158 Air Dam

B2864D - Chinese Class 158 AirDam

B2864E - Chinese Class 158 Air Dam

B2864F - Chinese Class 158 Air Dam

B7101/B37/47 New style drive Axles

B372-D2 - Latest Class 20 Coreless Motor

B372-F2 - Fits 3 Diesels Class 24/25/42/V2 Steam Loco

B372-GA  CL31 Coreless motor

B372-H - Motor for Various Diesel Type Locos

B372-J - Motor for Class 108 DMU/EMU/CEP/Pullman Etc

B372-LA - Motor for A1/2A/B1 & J69

B372-LB - A1/A2 Tender Motors + Ciruit Board

B372-M1 - Motor for BLK 5/R/Scot/Jubilee/3MT/4MT

B372-M2 - Motor for BLK 5/R/Scot/Jubilee

B372-P1 - Coreless Motors for Merchant Navy

B372-P2 - Coreless Motor for Ivatt Loco

B372-R - City/Duchess Coreless Motor

B372-T - Latest Class 40 Coreless Motor

B372-WD - 8F/WD Early Type Motor with Circuit Board

B372C - Bachmann Motors to Fit Earlier Class 66

B372D - Motor for Class 43 (HST) Also Class 42 and Later 37s/47s/66s

B6017 - Jubilee Brass Nameplate “BAHAMAS”

B6012 - Jubilee “Eire” Nameplate

B6013 - Jubilee Brass Nameplates “HONG KONG”

B6014 - Jubilee Brass Nameplates “MARS”

B6015 - Jubilee Brass Nameplates “Nelson”

B6016 - Jubilee Brass Nameplates “RODNEY”

B6018 - Jubilee Brass Nameplate “GALATEA”

B6019 - Brass Nameplates for ”TORNADO”

B6021 - A1 Brass Nameplates “NORTH EASTERN”

B6022 - A1 Brass Nameplates “GREAT CENTRAL”

B6030 - Royal Scot Brass Nameplates “GORDEN HIGHLANDER”

B6031 - Royal Scot Brass Nameplates “ROYAL AIR FORCE”

B6032 - Royal Scot Brass Nameplates “SCOTS GUARDSMAN”

B6040 - B1 Brass Nameplate “SPRINGBOK”

B6041 - B1 Brass Nameplate “OLIVER BURY”

B6042A- Jubilee “SILVER JUBILEE” Nameplate

B7001-01 - Class 08 Centre Wheel Type 1 Assembly (Chinese Production)

B7001-57OW - Outside Drive Axles Chiness Production

B7031-18b - A4 Blue Cylinder Block

B7101-1 - Diesel Drive Axle Class 20,25,31,33,37,40,50,52,55,57,87,90,91

B7101-2 - Drive Axles for Class 101,158,159,160,170 and Railcar

B7151-05 - Hall/Castle Front Pony Truck (Chinese Production)

B7151-07 Chinese bogie axles blackened pkd 3s

B7151-13 - Duchess Trailing Bogie 2000-2008

B7151-14 - 8P Duchess/A3 Front Pony Truck (Chinese Production)

B7151-16 - China Made Duchess Centre Wheel Assembly Type 1

B7151-1C - Front Bogie for 61xx/2-6-4MT/Crab/8f (Chinese)

B7151-2C - Rear Bogie for Chinese Class 61xx

BCHL - Chassis Block Latch and Divider

CL150CIR - CL150 Circuit Board

CL66CB - Bachmann Class 66 Metal MK1 Chassis Block L/Hand & R/Hand Sides

CL66CIR - New DCC Ready Class 66 Circuit Board with Plug-in Socket

CL66PU CL66 loco Pick-ups a pair

CL70CIR  Class 70 circuit board

CM2020-RD - Replacement Coreless Motor for DMU 101 and RAILCAR

CM2020-RDK - DMU 101 and RAILCAR New Motor Kit

GF2109-MW - Modern Wagon 3 Hole Disc Wheels

GF7101-1 same as (B7101-1) Drive axles CL37/47 type

GF7101-2 - Drive Axles (Chinese) - Sold as Singles Not Packs

WHL653 - Hob-E-Lube Ultra Light Oil Sqeeze Tube with Applicator

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