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We probably have the largest range of English made Graham Farish spares in the UK. The range in this section only shows a small selection of the spares we carry, so if you can’t see the item you require or you have a specific item you're trying to source just ask us and we'll be happy to help.
There are quite a few parts within our range that are made by Bachmann in China, these will retro fit the Farish Poole production locomotives.
We have been the authorised repairer and supplier of spares for Bachmann/Graham Farish “N” gauge locomotives since the year 2000. We supply not only the UK “N” gauge market, but have customers around the world covering most of Europe, Asia, Australasia and the Americas.
We can be contacted either by e-mail anytime or by telephone +44 (0)1287 633036 during office hours of Monday to Friday 9AM to 5.30PM.
Please check the following before you order your spares:
1. Is the loco of Poole design (made between 1977-2005) or later types. For example there are 3 versions of the Class 47.
2. Is it English or Chinese production, is the product code known? If loco has brass axles and pins it will likely be Poole production made in the UK before 2000.
3. What is the Class of loco steam or diesel?
All product prices are shown excluding VAT/TAX. VAT/TAX will be added at the checkout if it is applicable to your Country and/or State.
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B7101-1 - Diesel Drive Axle Class 20,25,31,33,37,40,50,52,55,57,87,90,91

BR0003 - MKIII 1st Class Coach Interiors (Packed in 4s)

BR0004 - MKIII 2nd Class Coach Interiors (Packed in 4s)

BR0005 - MKIV 1st Class Coach Interiors (Packed in 4s)

CM2020-A - Coreless Motor For Type 2 Armature GF8029

CM2020-CL158-9K coreless motor kit

CM2020-K -Motor and Modification Kit For Diesel Engines

GF0004-2 CL101 black roof sections 2 car

GF0004-3 CL101 grey roof sections for 3 car unit

GF0001 - Tender Pickup Kit for Both English and Early Chinese Tenders

GF0002-A - BR Green E/Crest Tender for A3 or A4

GF0002-B - LNER Apple Green Tender Top A3

GF0002-C - BR Green Bob/M/Navy Loco

GF0002-E - LMS Black Stannier Type Tender

GF0002-K - BR Green L/Crest Re-Built M/Navy Tender

GF0002-L - Southern Region Green Livery Tender Top

GF0003-2 - Coupling / Brush Springs

GF0004-1 - Unpainted DMU Power/Trailer Car Roof Section

GF0005 - Pick-up Arms for Class 37/47/50/55/56/57

GF0006 - Pick-ups for Class 37/47/50/55/56/57

GF0007 - Pick-ups for Class 20/25/33/HST/DMU/RAILCAR

GF0008 - Pick-ups for Class 31/40

GF0009 - Pick-ups for Class 87/90

GF0011 - Pick-ups for Class 158/9

GF0011A Pick up plates For Steam locos after1983

GF0011B - Pick-ups for Early Steam Locos 1977-1983

GF0013  "N" 6 Pane Signal box / house windows White

GF6005 - Castle Class Valve Gear Hanger

GF0101 - Armature Top Housing/Cradle (Chinese Production)

GF0103 - Steam Bearings

GF0104 - Pole Pieces for Magnet

GF0109 - Magnet for Poole Design Locos

GF0111 - Brushes and Springs

GF0112-1 - Couplings and Springs

GF0121-2 - Diesel Bearings (Square Type)

GF0138 - Brass Brush Holders

GF0145 - Class 158/9 Bearings to Carry Drive Springs

GF0149 - Class 158/159 Bogie Pickup Springs

GF0159-2 - Class 87/90 Armature Bearings

GF0163 - Diesel Drive Springs

GF0164 - Class 87/90 Chassie Pole Piece Separater and Suppresser Mount

GF1129 - Armature Type 1

GF1405 - “Diamond” Frame Wagon Bogies

GF1406B - MK3 Coach Bogie Side Frame with Couplings and Springs

GF1410-10 - Class 101 (DMU) Loco Bogie Sideframes

GF1410-10A - Early HST (43) Motor Bogie Sideframe

GF1410-20  Cl20 bogie sideframe

GF1410-25 - Class 25 Loco Bogie Sideframes

GF1410-37 - Class 37/50/55 Loco Bogie Sideframes

GF1410-43 - Class 43 (HST) Loco Bogie Sideframes

GF1410-47 - Class 47 Bogie Sideframes in Singles

GF1410-52 - Class 52 Loco Bogie Sideframes in Maroon

GF1410-89 - Class 158/9 Loco Bogie Sideframes

GF1410-RC - Railcar Loco Bogie Sideframe

GF1413 - 100 Ton Wagon Bogies (Including Spring/Couplings)

GF1420-3 - 4MT 2-6-4 Rear Bogie Moulding with Coupling

GF1432 - Class 158/9/170 Coach Bogie Sideframes (Inc. Coupling/Springs)

GF1446 - Castle BR – Green ‘Clun Castle’  Loco body

GF1732 -  CL37/47 Type Bogie Chassis

GF1733 - Bogie Chassis Moulding

GF1806 - CL5 LMS Maroon Loco Body No.4806

GF1898-B - Tender Chassis – A3/A4 Blackened Wheels

GF1898-R - Tender Chassis – A3/A4 Red Wheels

GF1899 - Tender Chassis – LMS Type

GF2109-C - Coach Wheels (New Style Blackened Low Profile)

GF2109-EW - 8 Spoked Wagon Wheels English Made (2017)

GF2502 - 25 Tooth Gears for Diesel Bogies

GF2503 - 12 Tooth Gears

GF2504 -16 Tooth Gears

GF2510 - 24 Tooth Gear for Class 66 and Later Bachmann Bogies

GF2602 - Class 101 DMU Rear Coupling Bracket for Poole Produced 101s

GF2603 CL43 (HST) rear coupling unit

GF2707 - Insulator Plates for Poole Locos Class 37/47/50/52/55/57

GF2746B - A3 Smoke Box

GF2802 - GP Tank or Very Early J69 Chimney Top

GF2804B - Brass Chimney Top for 57xx/94xx/GP Tank/87xx/61xx (Prairie)

GF2804C - Copper Chimney Top for 57xx/94xx/GP Tank/87xx/61xx (Prairie)

GF2805 - Brass Valve – Prairie Type

GF2806 - 4P Smoke Box Moulding in Singles

GF2813-2 - Resin Class 47 Clip-on Battery/Fuel Tank for Poole Made Locos

GF2814-B - Large Black Buffers CL47 Type 1 Poole design

GF2815 - Class 37 Cab Glazing for Poole Built Locos

GF2817 - Class 37 Battery Box Clip-on Type Poole Made

GF2819A - Duchess Smoke Box

GF2821 - Class 20 Yellow Nose Cones for Poole Production Yellow in Singles

GF2825 - Oval Buffers to Fit Class 37/50/52/2-6-4/Duchess Locos

GF2833B - Class 52 Battery Box Black

GF2841 - J94 Saddle Tank Chimney

GF2845 - J94 Coal Moulding for Tender Top

GF2846 - King Smoke Box

GF2846A - Flying Scotsman Smoke Box Single Chimney

GF2846B - A3 Prince Palatine Smokebox Double Chimney

GF2853 - Class 91 Front Air Dam White Moulding Right/Left Sides

GF2855 - Pantagraph to Fit Class 91,90,87

GF2862 - Class 158 Service Pod (Poole) Clip-on Type

GF2863 - Class 158/9 Exhaust Pipe

GF2864A - Class 158 Air Dam

GF2868A - Castle Smoke Box

GF2868B - Castle Smokebox

GF2869 - Class 56 Battery Box

GF2871 - Steam Valve Type 3 to Fit Class 57xx

GF2877 - Class 90 Pantograph Insulators (Plastic) Roof Moulding

GF2887 - Rebuilt Merchant Navy Smokebox

GF2888-K cab &roof detail for CL87

GF3210 - Bogie Retainers for Poole Locos

GF3213  CL20 metal bogie retainers

GF3231 - Bogie Retaining Clips – Class 158,159

GF3234 - Bogie Retaining Clips – Class 87,90

GF4219 - 10FT Sand/Salt Wagon Roof

GF57xx-POL - Replacement Wheel Set

GF6002 - MK1 Coach Bogie Retaining Pegs

GF6010 - A3 Cylinder Block

GF6010VH - Black5/Duchess/A3/A4 Valve Gear Hanger

GF6011-BR - BR Type 2-6-4 Cylinder Block

GF6011-LMS - LMS Type 2-6-4 Cylinder Block

GF6013 - 4MT 2-6-4 Tank Loco Valve Gear Hanger

GF6014-RL - Crab Cylinder Block

GF6015-1 - Class 5 Crab Valve Gear Hanger

GF6103 - Hopper Wagon Name Boards Unpainted

GF6105 - Duchess Tender Ladder

GF6109 - 50 Ton Tanker Walkway Moulding

GF6204-S - Spoked Bogie Wheels Silvered (English Production)

GF6402-S - Large Bogie Wheels Silver Poole Prod. Class 61xx and 2-6-4 Locos

GF6600B - Battle of Britain Name Boards Unpainted

GF6600C - Rebuilt west country M/Navy Unpainted Name Boards

GF6601A -  Loco Headboard "The Capitols Limited"

GF6601B - Loco Headboard "Bournemouth Belle"

GF6602A - Nameboard for "Clan Line" B0B

GF6602F - RBLT M/Navy Nameplates "Launceston"

GF7031-18B - A4 Cylinder Block Black

GF7021-01 - Class 08 Cover Pick-up Plate

GF7021-08 - Class 20 Cover Plate Sub Assembly in Singles

GF7021-16 - Mainline Cover Pick-up Plate

GF7021-3   4P  loco pick-up cover plate

GF7031-1 - 4P Cylinder Block

GF7031-11C - Duchess LMS Livery Cylinder Block

GF7031-11M - Maroon Duchess Cylinder Block

GF7031-18 - A4 Cylinder Blocks Black or Blue

GF7031-2 - Hall Cylinder Block

GF7031-4 - Black 5 & 8F Cylinder Block

GF7150-B - MK2 (B4) Coach Bogies

GF7151-11 - Castle-4P/King Centre Wheel Assembly

GF8175 - Railcar/DMU101 Armature Bearing and Gear Kit

GF8002-IK  Electrical contact kit

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